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Geek Forensics was founded in 2002, by Dr Nick Sharples and Dr Sam Type, who between them have over 60 years’ experience of the complex world of computer science. They specialise in large, more technically-challenging cases and have extensive experience in the analysis a wide-range of operating systems and technologies, including: Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, Servers (email, file, web, Active Directory), databases (MSQL, MySQL, Oracle), networks, smartphones, tablets  and bespoke systems.  There is not much they don’t know about computers and if a device stores data digitally, they can forensically examine it.


Since 2002 Nick has worked as a computer forensic investigator and expert witness providing computer forensics services to UK police forces, solicitors and businesses as well as internationally. Nick specialises in the analysis of highly complex and technical systems, using sophisticated software extraction techniques to gather data and present it evidentially. He also produces software for use in hi-tech crime investigations.

Since co-founding Geek Forensics Sam has worked on more than 400 cases including a £4million insurance fraud, eCommerce (online sale of indecent material), production of false documents, murder, child protection and sham marriages. She was an expert witness for two international criminal investigations into the distribution of indecent images of children: Operation Ore and Operation Alpine.

She has given briefings and presented evidence nationally, including at the Old Bailey and has travelled internationally to consult on computer forensic investigations. Sam has now taken on Training and Operations for Geek Forensics; tutoring adults, children and parents on how to be safe online and dealing with project management and business development.


Nick has a D.Phil (doctorate) and BSc in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, has been programming computers since 1984 and can write computer programs in any modern high-level programming language.

Prior to forming Geek Forensics, Nick built up very considerable, extensive and impressive experience and knowledge of all aspects of computer programming, software and systems. From building, installing and maintaining computer systems using various operating systems, to designing and developing web sites, installing, configuring and maintaining web servers, developing content management systems and programs to provide dynamic web page content and client side scripts, he’s done it all.

He’s also taught at the University of Sussex acting as a teaching assistant on various degree undergraduate courses including Software Engineering and Distributed systems. He was a founding member of the Network Lab at the University of Sussex (part of the Software-Systems research group). 

Landline: 01273 613362  Mobile: 07966271168

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Technical Director - Dr Nick Sharples, DPhil, BSc (Hons)

Sam also has both a DPhil (doctorate) and a BSc in the field of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and over 20 years of experience examining, configuring, operating and programming computers. She has specialised in complicated, highly-technical and contentious cases. She is Director of Operations and manages business developement, partnerships and public relations.

Sam started writing computer software in 1985 and has designed and project-managed the development of several computer forensic utility programs. She’s conversant with numerous programming languages and has taught undergraduate students about various computer-related issues.  She’s worked extensively with computers running Microsoft Windows, Linux and other Unix based Operating Systems. And she’s undertaken 6 years of post-graduate research into computer programming languages. Her academic work involved the implementation of compiler software, to parse and analyse source code, optimise it and produce metrics quantifying the improvements made.  She has also acted as teaching assistant on University of Sussex degree courses including Compiler Design and Algorithmics.

Landline: 01273 470886 Mobile: 07899952710

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Operations Director - Dr Sam Type, DPhil, BSc (Hons)