Relevant guidance and legislation. 
All our work is compliant and court friendly.
At all times, we at Geek Forensics act in accordance with all relevant legislation and guidance. This includes but is not limited to:

We regularly review our procedures and ensure that we are fully conversant with all recent legislation and good practice guidelines. 

Case Histories  

A quick look at our website will tell you that since 2002 Geek Forensics have worked on hundreds of high profile or highly sophisticated investigations and trials. 

Case History 1.
One of their first major investigation was Operation Ore which was a large scale and international investigation.  It concerned a website offering legal and illegal porn with over 10,000 international subscribers. Geek Forensics were appointed to compile and distribute Intelligence packs to all 43 UK police forces and internationally and analyse servers (Linux) & PCs (Windows), websites, databases, scripts, credit card processing, accounts, emails.

Case History 2.
A Sussex man was successfully convicted of murder in 2005. Forensic evidence presented at his trial included pictures and web-pages depicting scenes of violence, recovered from unallocated space on his computer. His appeal lead to a retrial. 

Geek Forensics were brought in to examine the computer evidence and were able to recover web-pages, pictures and internet activity records from unallocated space on the computer to show it had been used regularly, over a period of years, to view violent sexual material online. 

They reconstructed several pages that showed the user had navigated through complete violent sexual stories. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 26 years in prison. 
As impartial experts, at Geek Forensics are in the enviable position of understanding exactly how prosecution evidence is presented and how it may be tackled.

Other case histories.
Some of their other high profile cases include Operation Alpine (concerning unfiltered access to news sites), R v Coutts – Murder retrial at the Old Bailey and ABTA Fraud Manager - £4 million fraud. 

We are available for a free consultation, to discuss your case or just your concerns, at any time.  We may be able to solve your problem there and then, but if not we will give you clear and honest advice, and you will know exactly what to do next.  

Generally, we work as follows:

You identify an issue
You may be a solicitor and have just been served documents extracted from a computer, or are half way through a hearing and have heard questionable testimony that you have no expert to assist with. You may be a business owner and one of your staff has accused another of sending offensive emails, or your Sales Director has unexpectedly resigned. 

You contact Geek Forensics
We will ask you for summary details and tell you immediately whether we are able to help. We can often give you the advice you need, there and then.  

We provide you with an estimate of costs
We will confirm the information you’ve already given us and include a competitively priced, itemised breakdown of costs, and a likely completion date.  If not, we can give you anticipated costs verbally.  See our Packages page for likely charges.

We start work
We will need access to the computer(s) to be examined. This may be a desktop PC, a laptop or tablet provided for staff home-use, or the user-area of a server.  You can have these delivered to our offices or we can arrange collection. In some cases we may be able to perform remote acquisition.