A complete computer forensics service.

Expert recovery, preservation and analysis of all digital information.
Our digital investigation service covers every aspect of the computer forensic examination process from the capture, preservation and expert analysis of computer data, to the presentation of reports and evidence. We work extensively with the police, legal profession, banks, and other public and private sector bodies, from the small to the international. 

We’re an exceptionally experienced, highly qualified and approachable team who can recover and analyse live, deleted, compound and system files as well as time stamps, meta data and content. In fact we can analyse any data stored now or historically on an electric device from documents, emails, pictures, films, chat logs and social media profiles, web browsing history and archives. 

We can also assist you at all stages of an investigation or internal enquiry both nationally and internationally, whether that is by way of providing a quick and discrete on site internal investigation, incident response or assisting in covert operations. We can also provide immediate “preview” advice to assist during the course of an investigation or enquiry. 

Independent expert witness service.
We’re experienced expert witnesses with a comprehensive understanding of the rules of evidence and Good Practice guidance.  But integral to our services is the fact that our evidence, whether written or oral, is easy to understand and we always explain computer forensics and concepts as they’re introduced, providing explanatory screen-shots and non-technical definitions. 

Developing preventative systems and programmes and providing advice. 
At Geek Forensics we’re experienced in developing forensic software and systems and on top of that, we can also provide advice and operational support in respect of ensuring continuity of evidence and devising computer forensic techniques and strategies.  

We pride ourselves on giving you the best evidence and the best service.

“The thing which makes Geek stand out from its competitors is its technical know-how combined with its client care. They are very friendly and can be approached at any time for advice. They can usually provide the answer there and then, but if not, they will provide a realistic timeframe in which they can. It's the best service on the market.”  
B. Manovitch
Defence solicitor

Whatever the size or nature of your investigation, you’ll find us deadline and budget sensitive and we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and exceptional service, every step of the way. 

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