We’re often asked to analyse phishing or spam emails. The useful data is in the full email headers, but only From:, To:, Subject: and Date: are displayed by default.  Here’s how to access the full-headers in the most-popular email clients (do this before forwarding them to us please!):

Outlook 2013: Open the message (double-click), select File → Properties to see the full headers
Outlook 2007: Open the message (double-click), select Options → Message dialogue box , the full headers appear in the Internet headers box.
Outlook Web (OWA): Open the message (double-click), click Message Details 
Outlook Express: Right-click the message, select Properties → Details
Windows Live Mail: Right-click the message, select Properties → Details
Mail (Mac): Select the message (click), Select View → Message → All Headers
Thunderbird:  Click View → Headers → All

Watch this space for what we do with the full-headers once we have them…