It's an exciting time for the Directors of Geek Forensics... As well as the launch of our new branding and website, we've appeared on terrestrial TV!  You can watch us on Channel 4 On Demand making complete and utter fools of ourselves here!

It was a memorable experience, and one which has been surprisingly life-changing.  We met some genuinely lovely new friends, including the contestants Maria, Terry, Sarah and Dave, and the amazing crew.  We've become (very minor) celebrities in our village and at the 'school gate', and business colleagues are fascinated to hear about our experiences.  Having survived it as a team, we realised that business is not the only place we work well together, although luckily, in business we never come last!

Discount for Couples Come Dine With Me fans: for the first 3 new businesses that call us on 01273 470886 and mention our appearance in Come Dine With Me, Geek Forensics will offer a 10% discount on any of our advertised Prices!