We are delighted to announce that we’ve expanded! And we’ve made some exciting improvements to Geek Forensics...

If you're lucky enough to be an existing client or supplier, you should already have received our notification email.  If not, here's what we've been up to:

  • In Administration, our Office Manager Kerry Gunn has been joined by our new Operations Manager Sarah Roberts. If you’ve been working with us recently, you’ll have spoken with one or other of them! Sarah’s got a background in web-development (including at the BBC) so, along with her excellent organisational and project management skills, she’s a huge asset to Geek Forensics and we don’t know how we managed without her before.
  • As part of our growth strategy, we’ve also appointed a new advisor to the board. She has a background in banking, including working in the City for more years than she’d like mentioned. She is helping us plan for even more growth, exploring partnership and investment opportunities and with her objective and analytical expertise, is enabling us to consider new avenues.
  • It may be obvious to our regular clients, but we’ve rebranded, with a new, modern logo and our dramatically improved new site
  • We’ve been helping solicitors and the Police as expert witnesses since 2002, but our business clients have told us they need a different kind of service.  They’re more worried about how staff use IT, be that recruits having posted embarrassing material on social networks, misuse of computers in-house, or outgoing staff taking company IP with them. So with the assistance of our new team, we’ve put together some impressively discounted package deals especially for them here.

We’d love to hear what you think of our new services, site and design, and of course we are always happy to provide an initial free consultation if you’re not sure whether you need us or not. So please contact us now!

Oh, If you want a bit of a laugh, set your Sky + box to record Couple Come Dine with Me, on Channel 4 at 5pm on 15th July (after that, watch it here).  Directors Nick and Sam will be cooking, and hoping not to make complete fools of themselves!