At Geek Forensics, we've been furiously busy on criminal and civil cases recently, so sorry for being so quiet. Director Dr Nick Sharples and one of our computer forensics specilists have just returned from a large data-collection for a corporation based in Namibia. They managed to understand the company's network infrastructure and manual and digital processes, and then collect over 21TB of data, from multiple custodians in less than 1 week, and without any disruption to the company's systems and no downtime.  Congratulations to the team!

In fact, we have been appointed to conduct more and more e-discovery, e-disclosure and data-collection work in the last year.  When a firm has been served with a court-order to provide data, it's commonly called e-disclosure, and the processes we use to collect that data for them are called e-discovery or data-collection.  We are delighted to be working with the e-discovery platform produced by NUIX.  It means that we are able to collect vast volumes of data and then index it and process it rapidly using NUIX.  The tool enables us to conduct sophisticated searches and determine connections between individuals that would have taken us days of manual work in the past.  And our corporate solicitor collegues and their corporate clients can review the material easily and efficiently using the review platform.  We'll be adding more details about our e-discovery work to our products pages soon but if you are a solicitor needing assistance with a fast and efficient collection of data, or if you are a business that has been served a court-order requiring you to produce data, contact us for a free initial consultation and sensible advice.