The Geek Forenscis team have been quiet for a while; it's for the best of reasons! We're in the process of custom-building a new office in the middle of Sussex, and we'll be moving our expert witness, forensics and incident response operation there.  If you're a regular client, look out for our new address information in your mailbox.

In the meantime, we've been restructuring the team:

  • Dr Nick Sharples is now Technical Director, leading all our on-site and remote collections be that in the UK or Qatar, Namibia or Kuala Lumpur (all locations we've worked in the last 12 months)!
  • Dr Sam Type is Operation Director, leading business development, marketing and partnerships, operations in-house and is helping organise the South East Cyber Security Cluster; showcasing and supporting companies working in Cyber Security in the South East.
  • Lee Bottomley is our associate and deals with criminal defence cases, data collections and expert witness appointments.
  • Kerry Gunn is our Office Manager and keeps us going!
We'll be co-hosting the Invitation-only ministerial launch of the National Cyber Demonstration Centre at the Sussex Innovation Centre with Lockcode Cyber Security tomorrow afternoon.  Contact me if you'd like a last minute invitation or if you're press interested in covering this highly relevant Sussex Business Event.