Our computer forensic expert witness service for lawyers plays a key role in the prevention and detection of crime and in the recovery, preservation and analysis of digital evidence.

Civil and Corporate

Civil and Corporate

Our quick and comprehensive digital analysis for lawyers, which is e-disclosure and e-discovery friendly is often vital in employment, IP, insolvency and other civil proceedings.



We'll safeguard your business and IP plus investigate employee misconduct and cyber-attacks, with our out of hours, investigative service and preventative assistance.



Providing discrete assistance and expertise to firms served with a Disclosure Order. We are experienced data-acquisition, e-Discovery and e-Disclosure specialists.

Forensic computer investigation in civil litigation

Expert and court admissible digital forensics.
Expert digital forensic analysis is becoming increasingly important in civil litigation particularly in issues relating to employment law such as misconduct or industrial espionage, theft of intellectual property, and in insolvency, professional negligence and matrimonial proceedings.

At Geek Forensics we can act quickly to ensure evidence is not inadvertently corrupted and we can collect data from all relevant computers, mobile phones and company servers. We’ll analyse it to reveal what information was accessed, when and where it was sent and how it was used. 

Evidence, e-disclosure and e-discovery.
Our services are complimentary to e-disclosure and e-discovery. We can carry out court orders such as data acquisition or e-disclosure to seize material. If forensic accountants are involved, we will work with and support them and all our work is compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). 

Thanks to high-levels of customer demand, we are delighted to have purchased the e-disclosure and e-discovery platform Nuix. Its efficiency in indexing and document analysis means that we are able to collect and process data more quickly, and the easy-to-use review platform can be used directly by our clients to examine the material we have collected on your behalf.  Call us now to discuss whether we can use to help in your case.

We can also produce a timeline of activity and you’ll find our evidence well explained, in appropriate format for being adduced in evidence and of the highest standards. We’ll be available to advise and assist you throughout the proceedings and give evidence if required. 

Where can we help?


Employment Law and Intellectual Property.

Employee misconduct, be it the viewing of inappropriate materials or theft of intellectual property, is often highly sophisticated and without a professional forensic computer investigation, can be difficult to trace and establish. Our computer forensics can:

  • Detect data theft. 
  • Track a person’s digital footprint, extract and examine data to reveal its source.
  • Track financial transactions.
  • Search through emails, databases and spreadsheets. 
  • Investigate any suspected or actual unauthorised access to a company’s systems. 

Insolvency and professional negligence.

Intervention and analysis by Forensic Geek is often vital and can often provide pivotal evidence of the decision making processes and may be able to assist with the recovery of assets. Our services include:

  • Tracking complex financial transactions.
  • Recovering and reconstructing deleted data.
  • Searching and collating huge quantities of data.

Disclosure Notice - Court Order

If you have been served with a Disclosure Order or have been asked to perform and e-Disclosure but are unsure how to comply, or want the reassurance that you have complied fully, or simply don't understand how to provide the material requested, contact us for a fast, efficient and above-all discrete service.  Using our new e-Discovery tool NUIX, we can help you put together a court ready package on time and with minimal disruption to your business.

Matrimonial disputes.

We can assist in complex ancillary relief proceedings, where there are difficulties in understanding and tracing a party’s assets or digital evidence. We can and have assisted in both private and public law family proceedings where a digital issue has been pertinent to the outcome of the case.

Case history.

We were appointed as joint experts by 2 major City law-firms, to assist with the acquisition of all data from all devices belonging to 2 suspended employees of an international company with headquarters in the USA.  Over a 48 hour period, we received every digital device belonging to the pair, including their iPhones, iPads, laptops, mobile phones, external hard drives and USB memory sticks. We forensically imaged them all, and had them ready for collection well within time, and accompanied by a court-ready report.

General Pricing.

We believe in providing a cost effective and transparent pricing strategy. Our hourly rate starts at £150 + VAT but will vary according to complexity, urgency and location.

Typical analysis of one 500GB PC costs is £2,000 + VAT but systems and requirements may vary.

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