Our computer forensic expert witness service for lawyers plays a key role in the prevention and detection of crime and in the recovery, preservation and analysis of digital evidence.

Civil and Corporate

Civil and Corporate

Our quick and comprehensive digital analysis for lawyers, which is e-disclosure and e-discovery friendly is often vital in employment, IP, insolvency and other civil proceedings.



We'll safeguard your business and IP plus investigate employee misconduct and cyber-attacks, with our out of hours, investigative service and preventative assistance.



Providing discrete assistance and expertise to firms served with a Disclosure Order. We are experienced data-acquisition, e-Discovery and e-Disclosure specialists.

Analysis of digital evidence in corporations and business.

Using computer investigation and digital forensics to protect your business. 
The protection, recovery and understanding of digital data, is more often than not at the core of the corporate or business environment whether it relates to employee misconduct, industrial espionage or external attacks such as hacking and malware analysis. 


Your business, our expertise.

Our diverse client base includes banks, public sector bodies and businesses of all sizes from small to international and we can assist HR departments and systems administrators. We’ll tailor our services to suit you or you can choose from one of our cost effective packages.

Our preventative computer forensics services.

We can help you take a proactive approach by providing advice and development of computer forensic techniques and strategies to prevent attempts to steel intellectual property or destroy data.  We can also provide:

Mobile unit, incident response and reactive computer forensic services.

We have a state of the art mobile unit so we offer both, a quick incident response or a discrete internal out of hours investigation. We can collect data from all relevant computers, mobile phones and company servers, however or wherever the data is stored and whether the information is live or deleted. We can then examine and or protect all digital material and evidence as well as produce an independent, expert and easy to understand explanation of what we found. Our comprehensive services are very far reaching and include but are not limited to:

  • Extracting and examining data to reveal its source and destination. 
  • Tracking complex financial transactions.
  • Malware analysis.
  • Identifying and investigating attempts to steel, corrupt, tamper with or destroy intellectual property or customer databases.
  • Check claims of staff viewing or sending inappropriate material on the internet.
  • Search through emails, databases and spreadsheets.

At what point can we assist?

At Geek Forensics we are experienced court expert witnesses which means we know the importance of reliable, impartial and accurate evidence and findings, explained in an easy to digest manner.  Whatever the appropriate procedure for your particular issue, whether it’s arbitration, mediation, negotiation or any form of alternative dispute resolution, we will be on hand to provide independent advice, support, explanations and  findings. 

And of course, should the matter lead to criminal or civil proceedings, the evidence we produce will be fully admissible and in accordance with the appropriate rules of evidence.

For our clients that have concerns about staff computer IT use, that what to protect their brand by confirming that incoming staff haven't posted unprofessional material to social networks, who want reassurance that outgoing staff aren't taking IP with them, or who simply want to use our services for a fixed fee, we have put together a set of competitive
fixed-price packages. Call us now to book.


 “I could not recommend Sam highly enough. She is extremely trustworthy and has worked with me on sensitive cases maintaining a high level of integrity. She is a very professional and self-motivated individual. She manages her workload with extreme care and tenacity and always strives to reach deadlines. Sam is articulate and presents very well to all levels of any workforce. Her presentation of cases is exceptional and she has been commended for her work previously”.

Sharon Girling OBE
Director at Girling Hughes Associates


Our aim is to provide a cost effective and transparent fee structure and we’ve put together an industry unique set of exceptional value packages.

Alternatively we can tailor our services to meet your precise requirements and you’ll find us very competitively priced. Our hourly rate starts at £150 + VAT but fees will depend on complexity, urgency and location. 

Typical analysis of one 500GB PC costs £2,000 + VAT but systems and requirements can vary. Contact us for a more accurate estimate.


We also offer a range of packages

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