Our computer forensic expert witness service for lawyers plays a key role in the prevention and detection of crime and in the recovery, preservation and analysis of digital evidence.

Civil and Corporate

Civil and Corporate

Our quick and comprehensive digital analysis for lawyers, which is e-disclosure and e-discovery friendly is often vital in employment, IP, insolvency and other civil proceedings.



We'll safeguard your business and IP plus investigate employee misconduct and cyber-attacks, with our out of hours, investigative service and preventative assistance.



Providing discrete assistance and expertise to firms served with a Disclosure Order. We are experienced data-acquisition, e-Discovery and e-Disclosure specialists.

Digital forensic analysis in criminal proceedings

With a wealth of experience in criminal proceedings, we’ve regularly appeared on behalf of both prosecution and defence.

For the Prosecution, we’ve been instructed by the Serious Organised Crime Unit, Child Abuse Investigation Unit, Sexual Offenders Investigating Unit, Office of Fair Trading and regularly work with regional UK police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service. We’ve been involved in numerous sophisticated and high profile national and international operations including multi-million pound frauds, murder, distribution of indecent images, child and sex offences, money laundering, sham marriages and missing persons.

Acting for the Defence, we have been instructed by many of the large London firms and Direct Access Barristers Chambers in cases including high value fraud, fraud, murder and posession/making/distribution of indecent images and extreme sexual images.

We give down-to-earth and easy-to-understand advice, as well as practical and thorough assistance throughout your case.


Expert computer forensic services before and during investigations.

We can assist with covert operations, provide support during house-searches and conducted onsite preview investigations for time-critical enquiries.  We can also provide operational support and advice on computer forensic techniques and strategies, the design and set-up of computer forensics labs and advice on the recovery and preserving of data, so as to avoid contamination and ensure continuity. 

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Evidential analysis.

We can capture, preserve, track, analyse and explain all manner of data. We will also manage the collection of the evidence from the Prosecution, conduct our expert analysis and provide expert witness statements well within your case timeline. We will keep you updated throughout and provide remote assistance during trial, even if we are not called to give evidence. 

Independent expert witness.

At Geek Forensics we are highly experienced expert witnesses having appeared in courts and tribunals of every level since 2002.  Geek Forensics always follow guidelines set by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the CPS Guidelines for Experts. All our work is compliant with the Criminal Procedure Rules, part 33.  We understand Streamlined Forensic Reporting and the Rules of Disclosure.

“As an experienced criminal practitioner I value the expert opinion of Dr. Sam Type. She is able to explain complicated forensic IT issues in a detailed but accessible manner and makes herself available to talk through her findings so you really understand the scientific basis for them. Her thorough, detailed and impartial report was vital to establishing the innocence of my client in a very serious Crown Court trial. She is a thoroughly impressive expert witness and one who I would wholeheartedly recommend.”

Barrister, Garden Court Chambers.


Private cases.
Our hourly rate starts at £150 + VAT but will depend on complexity, urgency and location. 
Typical analysis of one 1TB PC costs £2,000 + VAT but systems and requirements can vary. Contact us for a more accurate estimate.

Legal Aid
We do accept occasional instructions under the Legal Aid scheme. We do not pass these cases to interns, apprentices or juniors.
As computer forensic experts our hourly rate for such is £72 + VAT.  

Call us for a free provisional assessment of the strength of the evidence and our honest opinion of how we can assist. Or apply online for our unique and cost effective forensic collection package.

Case history.

A London man was charged with the possession of indecent images of children after printouts had been found by his landlord in his room.
Geek Forensics examined his computer system and found copies of the pictures in unallocated space. Extensive analysis led to pictures stored in an AOL mailbox, since deleted.  Geek Forensics wrote a software tool to extract both the AOL mailboxes and email picture attachments from unallocated space which had been deleted two years prior to the seizure of the exhibit. 

As a result, it was found that the suspect had not only stored indecent pictures of children, but had regularly distributed them to others via email.  The suspect was charged accordingly and after seeing the evidence pleaded guilty. He was given a 9 month custodial sentence.

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